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Our Team

At Giovanni Caboto Club, the management team is committed to excellence, professionalism, and ensuring the satisfaction of members and clients. Led by a skilled and dynamic group, our team strives to efficiently run all club operations, providing outstanding service and creating memorable moments.

Our team comprises experts in hospitality, event management, food and beverage, finance, and marketing. Collaborating, they develop innovative programs, plan exciting events, and uphold the club's financial stability with unwavering quality and integrity.

From the moment you walk in, our team is dedicated to offering you an exceptional experience with personalized service to show you are valued and respected.

Whether you are a long-standing Club member or are considering joining, trust that our management team at Giovanni Caboto Club is committed to delivering unparalleled service and an outstanding experience every time you visit.

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Address: 2175 Parent Ave, Windsor, ON N8X 4K2
Office: 519-252-8383
Pizzeria: 519-252-3878

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